Spanish Institute

Our Testimonials


William Staub

Saint Hubert - CANADA

This was my fourth time. I enjoy immensely my time here. The teachers did an excellent job. I have received the satisfaction of raising my level of Spanish beyond any of my expectations. I could not be happier with the Spanish Institute of Puebla. I could not be happier with the conversation guides.


Derek Castle

Retired Carpenter
Modesto, CA - USA

The program was very effectively organized. Great teacher and guides in a good location with just the right number of excursions. The institute provides you lots of resources to make life easier. Like the strong encouragement to speak in Spanish as much as possible.


William Pennycoff

Downers Grove, IL - USA

The program was effective and a great value for the money. I will recommend the Institute to everyone. I had the opportunity of speak Spanish all the time. I refresh my knowledge about Spanish language and was able to really practice the subjunctive and I learned more about Mexican culture. I hope to return each year.


Michael Coronado

San Antonio, TX - USA

I came to learn Spanish but I learned so much more. My host-family, my teacher, my conversation instructors, the staff, the city and the food made my experience excellent. As a future priest, my time with the people, my teacher, my conversation guides and the other students made my experience excellent. . The excursions were interesting.


Mark Hebert

Houston, TX - USA

The program was excellent and challenging, but it was very helpful for me in learning the language. The teacher was always very prepared. The guides were helpful with language and culture. I improved my linguistic skills. The location is perfect. I really liked the pace of the class.


Brooke Pittman

Seabeck, WA - USA

I had not expected the level of cultural immersion I would experience. My teacher was excellent and knowledgeable about the language. The excursions were enjoyable. My host family was amazing. This program is very well organized and connected with the community. I fell in love with the culture, people and history of Mexico.


Christina Varano

Studying for Religious Life
Deptford, NJ - USA

The Spanish Institute of Puebla is top notch! The teachers are well-prepared and kind. My conversation instructor was always willing to help. I really liked the intensity of the classes within the learning process. All the staff, students and host family were always kind. I will definitely be back!


Tipton Huffman

Financial Adviser
Anaheim, CA - USA

This was an amazing experience. Puebla and the sights I have seen will always be in my mind. The teacher kept us interested and engaged. It was very helpful and enjoyable. The host family and the conversation instructor were excellent. The people that I have met will always be a part of my heart.


Sierra Faulkner

Social Work
Richmond, CA - USA

My overall experience in this program was excellent. I learned more Spanish than I thought possible as a brand new Spanish speaker! I could not have hoped for a better teacher and host-family. The lunch food was great every day. I enjoyed the formal classes the best. I feel more confident than I have ever had!


Roy Phelan

Pepper Pike, OH – USA

The institute is awesome. I am serious about improving my Spanish and this is the perfect place. My teacher was super, and my conversation instructor was outstanding. They really wanted to help me learn. I really liked the staff, too. The train museum in Puebla is the best.


Kerry McDermott

El Cerrito, CA – USA

This program is very intensive, but I received all that I hoped to get out of the course and more. I was very impressed with the professionalism of all the staff and teachers. I like my host-family and the conversation instructors. I will definitely return.


Armando Benitez

Vallejo, CA - USA

I am typically a ¨homebody but the institute made me feel like at home and wonderful. This enhance the learning process. My teacher was excellent. The classes were very, very, effective. I liked the quality of the materials used in the teaching.


Sophia Page

Master Student
North Hollywood, CA – USA

Every day I felt so lucky to be here and incredibly motivated to learn as much as I could. The teacher really cared about us and our progress. The institute offered a total immersion program. I really enjoyed getting to know the other students in the program.


Kwadwo Sampany-Kessie

Tianjin - CHINA

I spoke lots of Spanish. My teacher and conversation instructor were excellent. I mostly liked living in Puebla and hearing Spanish all day. The school was flexible when I needed. I absolutely enjoyed my time with the conversation partners.


Kenneth Smith

Internet Marketing
Plano, TX - USA

This has been an unforgettable experience. This program has been great to improve my Spanish. The staff was kind. I will recommend this school to my friends in Dallas. This program has given me a desire to live in Mexico.


David Osnach

Etobicoke - Canada

I enjoyed the program very much and looked forward every morning to getting to school. I hope to return- The Institute uses various types of learning / teaching media: videos, audios, flash cards, question / answer structures, etc. I liked the historic center.


Susan Montgomery

Retired Attorney
Bloomington, IN - USA

Overall, I had a great time and very happy overall. My teacher and conversation instructor were excellent. I enjoyed being in Puebla. The staff was great. I was constantly thinking again in Spanish. Enjoyed being in Puebla specially the weather. The Institute has great laundry service.


Maria Gravett

Victoria, BC – CANADA

I would highly recommend the SIP to anyone wanting to lean Spanish. Everything is well organized. I was really happy with the teacher’s method. I liked my conversation instructor. I learned Spanish and history. My experience helped me greatly improve my Spanish.


Elizabeth Sharp

Public Health
Hemet, CA - USA

It was a really good experience. I learned a lot. I got so much more speaking practice, which is exactly what I need. Teacher was excellent. I loved the afternoon classes with my conversation teacher. The location of the school was great. My teacher was extremely patient and always had a positive attitude.


Kevin Ochoa

New York, NY - USA

Great teachers and instructors. My teacher has fantastic energy. I was able to take the course in many different directions while keeping the conversation productive. My host family was excellent. The Institute has a great mix of group classes and individual conversation.


Julie White

Yoga Teacher
Fort Lauderdale, FL – USA

My husband and I have been to many Spanish immersion programs and the Spanish Institute of Puebla is by far the best! Total immersion into Spanish helped me learn a lot faster. My teacher was great at relating language skills. I highly recommend this program to advance your language skills because it is well run and professional.


Emma Wright

Civil Servant
Brentwood – United Kingdom

The quality of teaching is excellent. I had a very positive experience overall! I got confidence in speaking Spanish. Learning process is intense but effective. My teacher was very calm and professional and tailored the course to my needs. I was very impressed with the knowledge and approach of the conversation guide.


Renae Nyce

Philadelphia, PA – USA

My overall experience in my classes was amazing and I learned a lot! My teacher was the most helpful and encouraging teacher I have ever had. I looked forward to her class, she has a kind heart and the patience of an angel. I enjoyed learning real life languages skills. My host family was amazing, I love them.


Kylie Paul

Harrisonburg, VA – USA

Great opportunity to learn Spanish and culture of Mexico. My teacher was so perfect. We had fun while I was learning. I liked the way I was forced to learn. I am no longer scared to try to talk Spanish and now have a better understanding of Mexican culture.


Nancy Copeland-Payton

Medical Doctor
Santa Fe, NM – USA

I’ve studied 4 other languages… this was the best language course I’ve ever taken. The total immersion in the language and the culture were superb. The teacher and the guide instructors were excellent. I really liked all the opportunities we had to speak Spanish.


Peter Friedman

Portland, OR – USA

I wanted to learn Spanish fast and this was a great start. It was thorough, but well-paced and a lot of fun. The positive attitude of students and teachers was excellent. I liked the variety of activities and interacting with the other students in the class.


Carlos Flores

Harrisonburg, VA – USA

Great experience! I had a great time exploring and learning. My host-family, my teacher and conversation instructors were excellent. This is a very different program from the other places I have gone to.