Spanish Institute

Our Testimonials


Toshiaki Kameyama

Employee Sumitomo Corp
Tokyo – Japan

It´s a really interesting and amazing experience. Surely, I will recommend this program to my colleagues who will come to Mexico to work. I really benefited from the conversation program in the afternoon and having the opportunity to have a conversation with native speakers.


Kwadwo Sampany-Kessie

Tianjin - CHINA

I spoke lots of Spanish. My teacher and conversation instructor were excellent. I mostly liked living in Puebla and hearing Spanish all day. The school was flexible when I needed. I absolutely enjoyed my time with the conversation partners.


Fr. David Exner

San Diego, CA – USA

I have done language immersion programs in the past, with very mixed results. This program blew the others away. I learned more español during three weeks in Puebla than I learned Italian in several months living in Italy. I will absolutely recommend this program to friends and family back home.


Mohit Girdhar

Traveling the world - India

Overall experience was fantastic. Everyone at the Institute is nice, friendly and helpful. The course was so good that I extended the course. The ladies that attend at the Mexican restaurant are amazing. I really liked the afternoon conversation session and the excursions.


Amanda Waldraff

Abilene, TX - USA

I had a phenomenal experience these past 3 weeks. I learned more Spanish than I thought possible in the amount of time and had fun along the way. Everything about this program is top-notch. I had fun learning and getting to explore Puebla with the conversation guides.


Renae Nyce

Philadelphia, PA – USA

I fell in love with Puebla. The Director is awesome, so nice and is there for you. The small classes are very helpful and the two hours of individual conversation is so important. I acquired broader vocabulary, better listening comprehension, and appreciation for the language and culture.


Caleb Newton

Travel Agent
Parsons, KS – USA

I had a wonderful time. Everyone was so nice, from the Director and the teachers, to the other students, conversation guides, and my host as well. It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I hope I can return to study at SIP one day. My teacher was a kind and effective teacher, who was patient and made class fun.


Linda Butters

Nova Scotia – CANADA

My experience at the Institute was very different than I imagined. The instruction was excellent. Getting to know the other students was very rewarding. I enjoyed visiting pyramids and learning about the culture of Mexico. My teacher and the program in general was excellent.


Richard Polishuk

US Government
Washington, D.C. – USA

I was initially overwhelmed by the need to speak Spanish so many hours per day, but the classes helped tremendously, and the immersive nature of the program helped me feel comfortable by week two. It was a great experience and improved my Spanish a great deal. Patient and committed teachers / guides and a helpful administrative staff.


Fr. Pius T. Mathew

Mexia, TX - USA

I really enjoyed the whole program, especially the personal attention. Everyone gets a conversation guide in the afternoon so we can visit and do things according to our own interests. Everything was excellent for me. I did not know any basic Spanish… but now I have improved a lot. Very good atmosphere and arrangements.


Kylie Paul

Harrisonburg, VA – USA

Great opportunity to learn Spanish and culture of Mexico. My teacher was so perfect. We had fun while I was learning. I liked the way I was forced to learn. I am no longer scared to try to talk Spanish and now have a better understanding of Mexican culture.


Lora Wildenthal

University Professor
Houston, TX - USA

This was a perfect chance to really change how I was approaching Spanish. The Instructor was effective. The homestay and excursions were al great. Our teacher was always professional, courteous, patient and knew how to maintain a positive, serious and friendly attitude in class.


Laurie Levine

Retired Educator
New York, NY – USA

Overall, I had a fantastic experience at the Spanish Institute of Puebla and would recommend it to students of all levels. I was impressed by the professionalism of the staff, the individual conversation partners and the extra excursions offered by the school.


Steph Pettit

Brooklyn, NY – USA

I feel fortunate to have created lasting relationships with my host family, my teacher and my conversation partners through language learning here at the Institute. The program has put new wind in my sails to exercise my knowledge of the language and also to keep improving. My teacher brought energy, creativity and confidence to the classroom in such a way that you can´t help but want to learn.


Jeanne Adams

Register Nurse
Rancho Cordova, CA – USA

I loved being in Puebla – so much to talk about and experience. The people were fantastic - everyone inside the school and outside, very welcoming, warm and accepting. I was able to speak all the time in Spanish and learn many new expressions. The teachers and the staff were professional but also fun!


James Tinsley

Tupelo, MS - USA

The Spanish Institute of Puebla is a top-notch place to improve your language skills or begin your journey learning a new language. You will not be disappointed. It is a complete immersion in the language in which you have lots of opportunity to practice speaking. It has a great structure combine with flexibility.


Daniel Lim

International Developer
Arlington, VA – USA

My Spanish has improved greatly from the immersion and constant conversation practice, as my pronunciation has improved. I really like the cultural lessons about Mexico from the conversation guides and the great support I received from my host family. All conversation instructors were excellent and clearly committed to correcting and helping me improve my Spanish.


Armando Benitez

Vallejo, CA - USA

I am typically a ¨homebody but the institute made me feel like at home and wonderful. This enhance the learning process. My teacher was excellent. The classes were very, very, effective. I liked the quality of the materials used in the teaching.


Jennifer Tajon

Juvenile Counselor
Portland, OR – USA

I truly enjoyed my experience in the program. It was difficult at times, but the challenge is what I signed up for Everyone was very supportive and the staff at the Institute was very helpful. My host family was very welcoming and catered to my needs / requests. Home was very clean.


Patricia Brenner

Ret. Language Teacher
Seattle, WA - USA

My experience overall was very positive with like-minded students in a fabulous city. Excellent instruction, great help from the administrators and reasonably priced. It was a complete immersion from talking to my host family, to participating in class only in Spanish and having a great opportunity of conversation with the conversation guides.


Sara Burback

Human Rights
Washington, D.C. - USA

This has been a very rewarding program in which I have grown considerable in my Spanish language skills and I am now more confident in expressing myself in Spanish to others. I really liked the excursions and the interactions with other students and exploring Puebla with my conversation guides.


Allan Melius

Portland, OR - USA

The experience has been incredible. The food, people, the Institute, and my host family just down right excellent. I will attend again! My teacher was likeable, intelligent, thoughtful, detailed and made learning Spanish a lot of FUN!


Pam Gutman

Retired Teacher
Denver, CO – USA

Surprised and enjoyed the diversity of students – age, home country and reasons for learning Spanish. I really benefited from the time in class, the afternoon conversation and living in Mexico while taking classes I liked that everything was included and I had an excellent teacher. I absolutely loved and enjoyed this program!


David Barnes

History Professor
Philadelphia, PA - USA

Puebla was the ideal place for me to learn Spanish and to learn about Mexico. My favorite part of everyday was my class with my teacher; our discussions were fascinating and energizing. I learned so much, and it never felt like school. I enjoyed the lunchtime conversations in Spanish with fellow students.


Kate Rehberg

Pittsburgh, PA – USA

My experience at sip was excellent. I learned more in 3 weeks than I thought would be possible. I enjoyed my homestay experience and appreciated the teachers and the conversation guides expertise and support to grow in my Spanish proficiency. My teacher was wonderful!


Kathy Levine

New York, NY – USA

It was an exciting, intense and enjoyable experience. I wish I had more time to take classes because I feel that I made a lot of progress. My teacher was patient, understanding and overall and outstanding teacher! She knows her stuff and presents it in a very clear way. I feel more confident and fluid in my ability to speak Spanish.


Isabelle Chang

Admin. Assistance
Montreal - CANADA

I came with pretty high expectations considering all the good reviews I´ve seen of the program and SIP has actually managed to beat them. The learning curve is extremely fast. The guides, excursions, classes, buffet, school staff and host families were all really fantastic.


Kate Mathews

Ret. Business Owner
Asheville, NC - USA

My time at the Spanish Institute was very valuable in helping me improve my Spanish, especially conversation and comprehension. In addition, it introduced me to a beautiful city and culture. My teacher was wonderful… Gold Star! I really liked the varied learning methods and activities.


Reagan Heese

Fort Collins, CO - USA

SIP has managed to eliminate many of the problems that other language schools generally have. This makes it easier for students to settle down and learn. The one-on-one conversation is a wonderful bonus. The Institute is very structured and functions extremely well. My teacher did a great job.


Kevin Hess

Bruce, MI - USA

I have to say that the Spanish Institute of Puebla exceeded my expectations on ability to learn Spanish and I really love Puebla. I have to return more often. The Institute is very well run. My teacher was so very good! I will love to have the same teacher when I return.


Josh Mellor

San Diego, CA - USA

This program is very high quality. It forces you to concentrate on learning Spanish and conversation. The two parts are very unique and complement each other well. I really liked my teacher, my conversation guides, the food and my homestay.


Adrianne Marcum

Project Manager
Austin, TX - USA

My time at the institute was very fun and informative. My friends at home could already see improvement in my Spanish after just one week in the program. I really liked my teacher, my conversation guide, my host family, and the casual atmosphere tor practice what you are learning.


Beau Beaudoin

Ret. Professor
Chicago, IL - USA

As an older adult this is a welcoming environment. Speaking Spanish throughout the day in class, with peers, at lunch is an advantage essential to improve. I enjoyed my 3 weeks immensely and I will return. My teacher was organized with a variety of methods and established an environment for learning. Excellent instruction.