Spanish Institute

Our Testimonials


Sydney Sheffer

Harrisonburg, VA - USA

I learned a lot more Spanish than I thought I would and also learned a lot about the Spanish culture. I would highly recommend my host family they were just excellent. My teacher was efficient, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.


Catherine Bridget Morris

Semi-retired Nurse
Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

My experience at the Institute was very good. I like everything very much. My teacher has a great attitude, motivation and with great energy. I liked the meals at the lunch restaurant and at the vegetarian restaurant and the great opportunity to visit and travel around Puebla using only Spanish.


Jonathan Bleser

Movie Industry
Los Angeles, CA - USA

The staff and host family were very kind. The Institute has a great location in the Historic Center of Puebla. My teacher was excellent in all aspects. I liked the way they corrected my error and the flexibility to go anywhere with my conversation instructor.


Cathy Louie

Ret. Psychologist
Laguna Hills, CA - USA

Overall it is an intensive learning experience with a great combination of classroom and conversation component. My conversation instructor went out of her way to provide opportunities to engage in conversation; she was patient, knowledgeable and genuine caring. The excursions are well planned and conducted.


Marleen van Muijlwijk

Self Employed
Courtenay, BC - CANADA

Good program with excellent teachers. I really enjoyed my time with the other students while my Spanish improved. I liked the flexibility of the lessons and the learning program. My teacher was excellent.


Sarah Sappington

Retired Attorney
Seattle, WA - USA

The emphasis of speaking Spanish even w/other English speakers is a great idea. The attention place on pronunciation was great. Brought to my attention mistakes I´d been making for years. My conversation instructors were awesome and my teacher was excellent.


Wayne Breidford

Retired Engineer
Seattle, WA - USA

This is a very well-organized program. The price is very reasonable considering housing and meals are included. It is a good mixture of cultural awareness, history and language learning. The small class size really helps. I now have a lot more confidence in speaking.


Alexander Milano

Middletown, NJ - USA

Since the moment I was picked up by a representative of the Institute I started to enjoy Puebla and was anxious to try new food and visit new places. I was very welcomed by my host family and my teacher was a great professor. I really liked learning in real conversation.


Alec Speckenbach

Audio Engineer
Piedmont, CA - USA

I had a great time. I can´t think of anything I would really change. My host family will simply excellent. I liked the flexibility, the opportunities provided for learning, the structure and the practical learning. I now have a better cultural understanding of Mexico and the people


Shawna Rudio

Dutch Harbor, AK - USA

Keep doing what you are doing! I´m pretty content with everything and I appreciate the atmosphere at the Spanish Institute of Puebla immensely. I was extremely pleased with my living situation… my host mom was a fantastic person and I count myself as being very lucky to live in this house.


Jose Menemil Cerna

Joliet, IL - USA

I was able to learn Spanish and the culture. I can now understand and speak in Spanish. The Institute, the teaching methods, my host family and the conversation instructors were all excellent. I loved the program and my experience was awesome!


Maria Aasmundtveit

Horten - NORWAY

My home stay was excellent. I am now using patterns in the language and understand way more than before attending the program. The concept of having conversation guides is great and the excursions helped teach more about the Mexican culture.


Carol Blacklaws

White Rock, BC - CANADA

An excellent program and a very positive learning and cultural experience. I really liked the small classes, the joy our teacher brought to the class each day and the positive energy in the school itself. It was great to see other people who are passionate to learn Spanish.


Justin Heintz

Mersch - Luxembourg

The 1-on-1 attention given to me in the small class size really helped. My pronunciation improved a lot. I really liked all the activities offered outside of the classroom. Thank you for a great summer… this was a wonderful experience.


Fr. Francis Arulappan

Seattle, WA – USA

The teacher in the classroom, the staff and instructors in the afternoon did an excellent job creating homely atmosphere to learn. My host family was very good. I really enjoyed the split in schedule of 4 hours of classroom work and 2 hours of individual conversation.


Sarah Thomas

Teacher / Administrator
Chicago, IL - USA

This was a great learning experience. I wish I could have spent more time. I improved my language skills. My cultural competency is greater. The teachers and the course materials are top-notch. The language learning plus cultural awareness is unparalleled.


Jodie Chun

Moulton, United Kingdom

I absolutely enjoyed it. My Spanish definitely improved. My teacher was incredible. With my host family, everything was great. It has been really special and highly worth doing. I´ve really seen a side to Mexican culture that you don´t get to see as a tourist. I wish I could have stayed longer.


Doris Kraske

Vancouver - Canada

This program met my expectations in all aspects. The quality of the teaching, staff and guides was very good. My guide was very helpful in all aspects of Spanish conversation. I really appreciated the feedback received from everyone at the institute. The time flew by because of the variety available and the progress I was making.


Shamira Smith

Los Angeles, CA – USA

I liked everything at the Spanish Institute of Puebla. My teachers, conversation instructors and the staff were patient and helpful. The one-on-one class was great. I loved my host family because they were very likeable, hospitable and their house is always clean.


Andrew Painter

Hastings, NY - USA

I very much enjoyed my time at SIP. The course was well structured overall. My classes were excellent. My teacher knew her stuff and was patient and clear in her explanations and conversation instructor were tremendously effective in my learning improvement. I learned about Spanish language and the history of Puebla.


Kris Brenner

Palm Desert, CA - USA

This has been the most extraordinary learning experience of my life and I´m 67. The Institute is the best place on earth to learn Spanish. My teacher and conversation instructor were exceptional. All of my skills improved dramatically. I am super satisfied. The excursions were wonderful. The location of the Institute is ideal in this city. I enjoyed everything and every minute of my time here.


Michael Miller

Math Instructor
Santa Cruz, CA - USA

The Institute is awesome. My teacher was excellent; she was very engaging. My conversation instructors were helpful. I improved my Spanish and learned about Mexico. My host family was awesome too. I liked Mondays because school was so much fun. It is hard to imagine a better system for learning Spanish.


Amber Hill

Artist – Real Estate
Boise, ID – USA

Great experience overall. I really liked the institute. The program was very good. The excursions were great. My teacher was serious about teaching Spanish, and my conversation instructors were very helpful. When I´m ready to take another Spanish class I will return here.


Caleb Weaver

Patagonia, AZ – USA

The program is excellent. I learned multiple new tenses and hundreds of new vocabulary words in my three weeks. My teacher and conversational instructors were wonderful. I really liked the school organization. It had been 8 years since taking formal Spanish classes and I caught up to my past level in a week.


Brian Flynn

Jamaica Plain, MA - USA

I have always enjoyed my time at the Spanish Institute. The city is beautiful. The teacher was magnificent. I really liked my classes. It was great to have the opportunity to speak Spanish every day. My conversation guides were excellent.


Leigh Avery

Quality Assurance
Baltimore, MD – USA

I went to the Institute not knowing what to expect, but they took really good care of me. This was easy, educational and fun. The balance between the classes and the conversational instruction is excellent. I had an awesome teacher. I have visited amazing places in this beautiful city. The host family was excellent.


Alex Parker

Houston, TX - USA

I had a plenty of opportunities to explore, learn, and improve my Spanish. The staff was very helpful and friendly. My teacher was excellent. My conversation instructor kept conversations flowing with new topics and questions. It is a well planned program.