Learn Spanish in Mexico

Do you want to learn Spanish in Mexico? At the Spanish Institute of Puebla, we offer specialized language courses that help our students to know about the Spanish language and its culture. Our curriculum is divided into eight levels, and each one of them is three weeks long. Students can start their course from any Monday of the year and can attend from 1 level to all eight levels, according to their convenience. It's been 35 years that we are hosting students from across the world who are willing to learn Spanish in Mexico. We are also the only American-owned Spanish language school in Mexico. So, how about exploring the exquisite tradition of learning Spanish in Mexico? Indeed, that sounds amazing, right?

Additionally, we use the latest immersion methodologies and facilities to make our students learn in the most convenient way. We have added extra-curriculum activities and excursions to some of the most beautiful places around Puebla. Because of our exceptional International Award Winning Academic Curriculum, our students learn to think and express themselves in Spanish. Get your learning abilities to opt for the best way to learn Spanish in Mexico!

What to know before learning Spanish in Mexico?

Our main motive is to focus on four significant parts of learning - listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These include Spanish Vocabulary and Practice, Spanish Grammar, Pronunciation, Interactive Lab, Spanish Reading, Culture, Writing, and much more. We help our students to reach and exceed their Spanish speaking and learning goals.

Our program consists of intensive Spanish learning for 30 hours a week. The morning classes include Spanish grammar, vocabulary practice, reading, pronunciation, writing, etc. So, you see, it is not so hectic to learn Spanish in Mexico! In the afternoon, we focus on one-on-one practice sessions where students get the opportunity to practice their vocabulary and conversation that they learned with our professors. We also have a native speaker to help our students in pronunciations and practice Spanish conversations.

The best place to learn Spanish in Mexico!

Mexico is warmly associated with the millions of Spanish lovers from all around the globe! Indeed, there is grace that adds to the crafted elegance of the native Spanish accent to this place. You can learn Spanish in Mexico with a flavor of the unique culture that surmounts its tradition! At the Spanish Institute of Puebla, you can get along the best approach for studying Spanish in Mexico. Well, get your experience count to the next hundred captures to learn Spanish in Mexico.

We are committed to providing the best Spanish learning environment to our students and deliver value for their time and money as we believe in mastering your Spanish speaking skills!

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