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The Institute - Spanish Language School

To help you learn how to speak Spanish fluently and fast the Institute is constantly upgraded with the latest in teaching equipment and materials, as well as, state of the art facilities. The Spanish Institute of Puebla is also strategically placed within walking distance of most of the tourist attractions of Puebla including: The Catedral, The Zócalo [main plaza], the Theater, the market, many museums, many colonial Churches, the library, the Post Office, and many tradicional restaurants and cafes.

The Institute is located in an Ex-Capuchin Convent from the 17 Century that has been converted into a modern building with a 17 century facade (the facade is an important part of the history of Puebla). The Institute has the latest teaching equipment, sound protected walls for the best sound, ergonomic chairs, conference style classrooms, individual lockers, interactive overhead projectors, led lighting, etc. It has 1 big patio, 2 large terraces with view to the volcanoes and 4 different church steeples, computer lab, conference room, bathrooms, library, reception area, administration area, main office and 24 classrooms.

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Our Classrooms are equipped with ergonomic chairs, conference style table so the teacher is working with the students as they learn or improve their Spanish, large whiteboards, interactive overhead projectors, led lighting, WiFi, acoustic walls, etc.

Audio / Video Equipment

HD Multimedia LED Video Projectors to watch movies or for any special presentations.
Ipads: To bring real life Spanish more quickly and easily into the classroom.
Tablets: A way to access all our extra Spanish training materials, at any time, in any classroom.

Interactive Projector: so teacher and students can share anything from their phone or laptop, so the Internet can be brought right into the classroom, so any of the materials we have on the cloud can be brought right into the classroom and much more.


Our facility has three terraces for relaxing or studying in between, before or after classes. Purified water (at no charge) is available all the time in our facility.

Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab is equipped with Multimedia, with the latest in software packages; programs ranging from pronunciation practice to vocabulary building. Computers are connected to the Internet with a T3 (fiber optic) connection for research, e-mail, sending photos to your family and friends back home, and updating social networks.

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