Our Director

our director

He was born in the United States. Both of his parents are from Spain. He speaks both Spanish and English as native languages. He has lived half of his life in Latin America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico) and half of his life in the United States. He attended both The University of Texas at Austin and the University of Oklahoma.

In 1992 he began teaching Spanish at the University of Oklahoma and in 1995 became the Spanish Coordinator for the University of Oklahoma. He was in charge of curriculum for all the Beginning Spanish Courses and coordinated all the Spanish Instructors.

He has taught Beginning Spanish, Spanish Composition, Spanish Reading, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Conversation, Business Spanish, Street Spanish, Spanish Culture, Spanish Translation and many more courses at the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Community College and at the Spanish Institute of Puebla.

He has participated in editing many of the beginning Spanish Books used in the United States and reformatted the University of Oklahoma Beginning Spanish program to make it one of the most sophisticated and demanding programs in the United States.

He was hired as Director of the Spanish Institute of Puebla in July of 1998. His 25 years experience in teaching Spanish as a Second Language and his understanding of both the American and Spanish culture make him a great asset for our Institute.

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