Spanish Institute

Our Testimonials


Luc Chicoine

Police Officer
Ottawa – CANADA

Great learning experience. This program has given me a solid foundation to further my Spanish learning and also given me a great understanding of the culture. The Institute offers an atmosphere that promotes learning. A+


Tom George


The course has definitely improved my fluency and understanding of the Spanish language. It has been enjoyable although at times hard work. A really good mix of a language school and an immersive cultural experience. I liked the structure of the program – lessons in the morning and conversation class in the afternoon.


Linda Leavitt

Retired Teacher
Boston, MA USA

It was a delightful experience. The teachers are excellent and the program is very organized. I learned a lot about the culture of Mexico and the food was excellent.


Francis Martin

Quebec – CANADA

The Institute was excellent in improving the students Spanish proficiency skills and it gave me a realistic understanding of Mexico, its history and culture. My teacher was excellent. I benefited from the immersion aspect of the program and the small group classes.


Lauren Kline

HS Science Teacher
Lisle, IL USA

I am thoroughly impressed with my experience at the Institute. My language knowledge increased tremendously, and I feel I had a very complete immersion experience. Instructors are excellent, host family experience amazing, and I feel so much better informed about Mexican culture. I will be back!


Artur Gasek

Kotowice – POLAND

The creative way of teaching surprised me in each level. The teaching is very different in each level and for me all very helpful and creative. I would definitely stay with my host family again they are excellent! All the staff was very kind and helpful.


Amanda Forest

Reading Specialist (Educator)
Stanhope, NJ USA

I´m very happy to have gone to the Spanish Institute. It has been a rewarding experience for me. I enjoyed making new friends who love learning. I really liked the weekly excursions, my host family and speaking Spanish in class with my professor and classmates.


Linda Remenyi

Melbourne – AUSTRALIA

I really felt the program was worthwhile and I achieved my objectives. The teacher and teaching were excellent and I learned a lot. I also had fun and learned quite a bit about the culture and social issues in Mexico. My conversation instructors were encouraging and interesting.


Robert Abraham

Software Engineer
Los Angeles, CA USA

I´m was amazed at how much I could learn in a short amount of time. The program is amazing! I really benefited from being in an environment where I´m constantly speaking Spanish tailored to my needs. Classes were fun.


Elaine Mansure

Boone, NC USA

I enjoyed the program very much. I thought that the morning classes were amazing and I improved greatly. I would recommend this program to anyone. My conversation instructor was so helpful and great at talking.


Alina Nizamtdinova

Conference Organizer

I really liked riding horses in Calpan which was organized by the Institute. I really liked the helpful staff, the small group classes and the friendly / cozy environment. The Institute was excellent in improving my Spanish language proficiency skills.


Sadia Zaman

Social Worker
New York, NY USA

This was an amazing experience encompassing humility for adult learners and excellent teaching. I really liked my teacher, my hostess and the other students. I was able to communicate with my final conversation instructor entirely in Spanish.


Ray McDonald

El Paso, TX USA

The Institute provided me a great learning experience and environment to improve my Spanish language skills. Its staff is top-notch and the cultural experiences I had in Puebla and the surrounding areas enhanced my learning experience. I will definitely be back!


Jumpei Okuda

Insurance Consultant
Osaka – JAPAN

My teacher was excellent. I really liked the combination of the morning classes and afternoon program. I completed all assignment and worked hard in maintaining conversation in Spanish. My host family and the program in general has been excellent.


Mike Poley

Thousand Oaks, CA USA

It was wonderful overall. All details were covered from the travel, to the orientation all the way to the tours / excursions and return travel back to the airport. The experience left me with the feeling like I have an extended family in Puebla, Mexico to go back to real soon. My host family was just excellent!


Kaia Wulff

Holmestran – NORWAY

My experience at the Institute was very good. I really liked the other students, my teacher and the conversation instructors. I was pleasantly surprised about all the things that are included and have really enjoyed these. My host family was excellent.


Maria Franklin

English Professor

It has been a delightful experience being a student in SIP. The way was smoothed, so that learning and improving my communication skills in Spanish was easy, convenient and fun. I benefited from the opportunity to meet so many interesting and different people. The program is very well organized.


Lynn Surrette

Retired Teacher
Austin, TX USA

I simply love it! People could not be kinder or more welcoming. I loved the teacher and conversation guide. Even when I was overwhelmed with new information I was coached to make progress despite errors. I really liked the diversity of the students.


Jill Entwistle

Ret. Professional Policy Advisor
Ontario – CANADA

I am so impressed by the quality of teachers and the high learning expectations for students. This is not a lightweight program; however, it is fun and a must-do! I became more comfortable with speaking, my understanding improved greatly and I learned aspects of the language that are critical to know as I move forward.


Angeline Weidensee

Milwaukee, WI USA

I came into the program knowing very little. The program helped me learn a lot in a short amount of time. I also had a lot of fun on the trip. I really liked how patient my teacher was with me.


Patrick Erstad

Medical Student
Boise, ID USA

I came to SIP to improve my Spanish and focus specifically on Spanish for Medical settings. I was able to spend the mornings in class and shadow physicians at a local hospital in the afternoon. It was a great way to learn the technical language and also see the healthcare system in another country.


Bill Tremitiere

Retired Human Services
Beaufort, SC USA

The program at the Spanish Institute of Puebla has been extremely helpful to me in my efforts to learn Spanish. The administration and staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, supportive and flexible in trying to meet the student´s individual objectives. My teacher was incredible!


Laura Schraner

Pastry Artist

The program at the Spanish Institute was awesome and I hope to go back one day. I can now talk much more and learned a lot about the culture. I really liked my teachers teaching style, the other students and everything that we did in class.


Mannyz Palomo

Soccer Coach
Las Vegas, NV USA

I came to this program a little nervous about being immersed into the culture and language. But, from the time that I arrived in Mexico City and was picked up by a member from the Institute... I felt a sense of tranquility. I now feel confident speaking more Spanish.


Joanne Bouckley


Loved it! I want to return already. Everyone in the school makes you so welcome and I am surprised how much I have learned in the short time I have been at the Institute. Don´t change anything. The instruction is well balance. I really enjoyed the afternoon conversation guides, they were very knowledgeable about Puebla and Mexico.


Mark Nichols

Charlotte, NC USA

This experience for me was flawless. I appreciate how smooth the experience was for me. The city of Puebla is incredible. The facilities were clean, organized and I felt comfortable in the Institute. I found my conversation instructor to be very intelligent and extremely competent. I intend to return.


Katie Mullen


I loved Puebla. The Director, my teacher and my host family were all lovely and very helpful. Having the chance to focus on learning Spanish away from work was great. I liked the variety of teaching methods and material and the relevance of some of the material to my work and the effort that went into that.


Kimberly Scroggins

Assistant Principle
Ft. Worth, TX USA

I do not believe I have used my brain more than here in Puebla. The experience was incredible in every way. It exceeded all of my expectations and I will cherish the learning and experiences I had in Puebla. I can not wait to go back! My teacher was incredible and excelent.


Philip Amswych


The program was very enjoyable and educational – both for being with a host family and the learning. I really enjoyed the excursions and the cultural experiences arranged by the Institute. I liked the relaxed atmosphere, the quality of the teaching, the organization and making new friends from all over the world.