Spanish Institute

Volunteers and Other Stuffs

Volunteer Activities

During your spare time from your Spanish studies you can do some volunteer work at an orphanage, or you can help street kids. Change the way you see the world.

Extreme Sports

While attending the Spanish Institute, take some time during the weekend and live a potentially extraordinary human experience. Have an adrenaline rush.

Cooking, dance & more

Don´t just learn Spanish... take cooking classes, dance classes, pottery classes, yoga classes with Mexicans, not with other foreigners.

Cultural Activities

Puebla is a city of Festivals and festivity... giving the visitor unparalleled access to what makes the city tick. Don't just speak Spanish, live it!


While participating in our Spanish Immersion Program, do some shopping and buy things that will remind you of your excellent experience. Take home a piece of Mexico.

Watching Sports

Be part of all the professional sports Puebla has to offer. Go to a soccer game or catch a Nascar race in Puebla. Be part of the excitement , be part of the team.


During your leisure or free time from your Spanish studies, enjoy some activities that will make you forget about everything. Take time for yourself.

Night Life

Go out and enjoy the entertainment that is available from the late evening into the early hours of the morning. Have memories and friends that last a lifetime.


As you take Spanish classes, stay involved in sports, enjoying time with Mexicans and participating in a little friendly competition. Stay in shape while studying Spanish.

Other Activities

From taking photos to going fly fishing, from going ice skating to visiting underground caverns... all these activities can be done during your time studying Spanish.