Complete Guide to Spanish Language Web Sites in the Internet

In this guide you will find Spanish Dictionaries, Fun Spanish Stuff, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Language Schools, Spanish Literature, Spanish Magazines, Spanish Online Classes, Spanish Online Forums, Spanish Online News,  Spanish Pronunciation, Spanish Spelling and Writing, Spanish Teaching Resources, and Spanish Vocabulary.

Spanish Dictionaries

All Words: Type in a word in one of six languages and find out its translation in any of the others.

Diccionario Inglés/Español: Type in a word and find the Spanish equivalent.

Diccionario Español/Inglés: Type in a word and find the English equivalent.

Diccionario de Antónimos: Type in a word and receive a list of up to 30 that have opposite meaning.

Diccionario de Sinónimos: Type in a word and receive a list of up to 30 that have similar meanings.

Diccionarios: Thorough definitions for translating between Spanish and English. With nearly 100,000 entries, this is one of the most complete dictionaries available.

English/Spanish - Spanish/English Dictionary: Get translations not only of the word you type in, but of related words as well. Type in a word and get the translation in Spanish or English. A nice feature is that sound clips provide the pronunciation for many words. One of the best dictionaries for finding idioms and phrases. Type in "town," for example, to find out how to say "to go out on the town" in Spanish.

Diccionario de Regionalismos de la Lengua Española: Words from throughout the Spanish-speaking word are listed and defined along with the country of use. In Spanish only.

Jergas de Habla Hispana: Lists, by country, of slang, argot, and jargon. In Spanish only.

Diccionario de Español: Type in a word in Spanish and receive its meaning in Spanish.

Glosario meterológico: Excellent source for weather terms, from the Spanish version of The Weather Channel

Diccionary of Medical Terms: List and Glossary of medical terms in Spanish

Ciber-Léxico Comparativo: Large collection of computer-related terms translated from English to Spanish.

Dictionary Resource Website: Resource site about dictionaries and related topics. Articles, newsletters, etc.

Spanish For Fun

Free Spanish Game: This game shows you an English word and asks you to type in the Spanish.

El Chiste del Día: Spanish Joke of the Day,  quite a collection.

Condorito: Comic strips from Chile, with a translation into English.

CyberJuegos: A place to play Java games, not to learn Spanish.

Juegos: All kinds of free games online and for download.

Los Tebeos de Siempre: Spanish-language comic strips from past and present.

Pasatiempos (El Mundo): Crucigramas (crosswords),  El Ahorcado (hangman), and a Spanish movie quiz.

Portal Mix: Games, jokes, celebrities, TV characters, cartoons, guilty pleaures, optical illusions, photos, and all sorts of other diversions.

Spanish Grammar

Conjugador de Verbos: Type in a verb and find out its full conjugation.

Diez Errores Frecuentes: An explanation, in Spanish, of the common errors made in translating.

Ejercicios de Gramática: A slew of exercises on verb usage, pronouns and the use of se.

Grammar:  Brief lessons, mostly in Spanish, on accents, pronouns, and distinguishing between por and para.

Presente de Subjuntivo: Here's a good explanation of the subjunctive mood, in Spanish.

Simple Past Tense in Spanish: A good explanation of the differences between the preterite and the imperfect.

Usos de "que":  A thorough list of the correct and incorrect uses of que. In Spanish.

History of the Spanish Language

La Dialectología Española: This site emphasizes the regional variations of Spanish, with history on the evolution of Spanish. In Spanish.

Spanish Language Schools

Spanish Institute of Puebla: Complete Spanish Immersion courses. Become fluent in Spanish in the shortest time possible.

Spanish Institute of Merida: Complete Spanish Immersion courses. Become fluent in Spanish in the shortest time possible.

French Language Schools

Accord: French Language School in Paris... intensive French language course.

Study French abroad: The most recognized among the French language schools in France - since 1985.

Language Schools

123 Guide of Languages: Your guide to choose language schools around the world.

Spanish Literature

COMEDIA Textlist: A large collection of scripts, both in Spanish and in English translation, from the Golden Age of Spanish theater.

Espéculo: A magazine of literary studies from Complutense University of Madrid.

Ficticia: Dedicated to the promotion of Spanish short stories.

Literatura Argentina Contemporánea: Featuring the work of about 70 writers.

Menú de Poesías: One of the largest collections on the Net of Spanish-language poetry.

Página de Literatura Guatemalteca: A large collections of writings from the 18th century to the present.

Poesías Cubanas: Biographical information and samples of the work of Cuban poets.

Proyecto Cervantes 2001: Comprehensive research site devoted to the famous Spanish writer. Also in English.

Romanticismo:  Collection of poetry, prose, and drama from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Sonetos del Siglo de Oro: Sonnets of the Golden Age with English translations.

Poemas con Voz: Poems of various artists recited by Anthony Freites.

Spanish Magazines

Enter: News about computers and cyberspace from Colombia.

La Revista Diners: Selection of articles from the general-interest Colombian magazine.

Qué Pasa: Online version of a general-interest Chilean magazine.

Spanish Music

Cancionero: A weather of information, downloads, polls and more about popular Spanish-language music.

Centro Musical: Large collection of guitar chords and lyrics, sorted according to the singers that made the songs famous.

Música Virtual Online: Thorough site includes news, concert information, biographies, MP3s, you name it.

Tejano Web: News, photos, forums, and lots of info about various Tejano artists and bands.

Spanish Online Classes

Learn Spanish Online: over 50 hours of free online Spanish instruction.

Positively Spanish: Learn spanish free with grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, and other great resources.

SpaniCity: Learn Spanish - audio lessons, vocabulary, grammar and a list of Spanish teachers/tutors around the world.

BBC Education: Audio lessons are designed to supplement British Broadcasting Corp. radio classes but can be used alone. Video lessons available for download.

Business Spanish: Lessons in speaking and writing Spanish are added daily. A useful site even for those who aren't interested in business.

Ejercicios de Gramática: Plenty of exercises in Spanish grammar, particularly verb usage.

Learn Spanish: New lessons are being added regularly. The first three lessons use streaming audio to help with pronunciation.

Parlo: An abundance of resources for people learning Spanish. If you're learning Spanish, you'll visit this site again and again.

Spanish Made Easy: Easy lessons for those who are just being introduced to the language.

Spanish Unlimited: Free online level test, free Spanish language classes, free vocabulary builder, free language games, etc.

Web Spanish Lessons:  Three lessons for beginners.

Spanish Online Forums

Spanish Forum: This is the place to learn about Spanish, have your questions about Spanish answered, or simply meet other people who enjoy one of the world's most-used languages.

Spanish Online News

24-hour news sites

Agencia EFE: Thorough world coverage. Unfortunately, the news ticker provides only story summaries.

CNN en Español: A lot like CNN's English-language site, although smaller and not updated as frequently.


Clarín: News, sports, finances, user forums, streaming audio -- this Buenos Aires newspaper has it all.

El Día: A heavy dose of business and politics.


Los Tiempos: News from Cochabamba.


El Heraldo: Colorful news daily from Barranquilla.

El Mundo: News from Medellín.

El Tiempo: Visually the most attractive online newspaper in Colombia. Based in Bogotá.

Costa Rica

La Nación: A typical online newspaper, with a little bit of everything.

El Salvador

El Diario de Hoy: The typical variety of world and national news, sports, and features.

Prensa Gráfica: One of the more creative Latin American dailies online. Volcán de San Salvador webcam.


Prensa Libre: A wide selection of stories from Guatemala City.


La Prensa: A simple but attractive newspaper from San Pedro Sula with news from all over Central America.


Excélsior: A thorough Mexico City paper, complete with news ticker.

Notimex: The emphasis  is on business news at this Mexican site.

El Universal: The online version of this Mexico City daily.


El Siglo: Probably the most colorful online newspaper in the region.

Puerto Rico

El Nuevo Día:  As would be expected, this San Juan daily features an abundance of news from the United States.


ABC: A big selection of stories are be reached directly from the front page.

El Mundo: Daily world and national news from Madrid.

El  País: Another top newspaper from Madrid.

United States

El Nuevo Herald: From Miami, the Herald is the most thorough source of online news about Latin America.

Spanish Pronunciation

Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciation: Sound files of the vowels as well as basic words.

Living Language: An abundance of sound clips of words and phrases you are likely to use.

Songs in Spanish:  Pronunciation and vocabulary exercises using both traditional and contemporary songs.

Spanish Tongue Twisters: These are tough! Includes translations to English.

Spanish Spelling and Writing

Abreviatura: A long list of abbreviations.

Corte de Palabras: A guide, in Spanish, to hyphenation.

Las Letras Mayúsculas: When and when not to capitalize in Spanish. In Spanish.

Manual de Estilo Periodístico: Some notes for journalists about writing style. In Spanish.

Las Reglas de Acentuación: An explanation, in Spanish, on how accent marks are used.

Las Reglas de Puntuación: A thorough explanation, in Spanish, of how the various punctuation marks are used.

Uso de la "B" y de la "V": This is one aspect of Spanish that's more difficult for native speakers than for learners.

Spanish Teaching Resources

Super Spanish Websites: This site is designed for educators and students. Here you will find numerous sites that can be helpful in learning Spanish and about Hispanic cultures.

ACTFL: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.Information on membership benefits.

Biblioteca Nacional:  Interlibrary loan and some other services of Spain's National. Library is available to foreigners.

IES Language Foundation: Enrichment and in-curriculum programs provided to elementary and schools at no charge.

Lesson Ideas: Teachers share their suggestions.

Resource Center of the Americas: News and resources for teachers of Spanish and LatinAmerican culture.

Resources for Teaching About the Americas:  Includes lesson plans for teaching about Latin America.

Spanish Vocabulary

Del Dicho al Hecho: Common sayings and idiomatic phrases with explanations of how they became part of the language.

Espanglés: Collection of cognates, words that are the same in Englishand Spanish. You won't find easier words to learn.

Foreign Languages for Travelers: Vocabulary, phrases, and punctuation in dozens of languages.

Lingo List: Scroll down the page for vocabalary lists in topics such as soccer, food and clothing.

Spanish Vocab Drills: A series of short drills prepared by a college student.

Spanish Vocabulary Builder:  Click on pictures to hear their names. For beginners.

Vocabulary Training: Drills in two dozen categories in English, French, German, and Spanish

Other Resources

Online College: Learn how to choose an online college and earn a degree while working.

We hope this Guide to the Spanish Language has helped you find any information you might want regarding the Spanish Language.

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