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Spanish Institute of Puebla

Spanish Immersion in Mexico Since 1984

Our Testimonials

We will send you the phone number and/or e-mails of the students upon request

Fr. Peter Nguyen - Catholic Priest - Bay St. Louis
I enjoy the experience overall, but the most important was the people. The people here work hard and are so friendly. All were chosen. This quality is priceless.
Thomas Burke - Government - Newton, MA USA
Overall, a fantastic program that places students in an academic and social environment where they must learn to "live" the language, my progress in only three weeks is pretty incredible. Highly recommend it!
Alice Lynch - Retired - San José, CA
For me it was an opportunity to focus almost 100% on learning about Mexico more improving my competency in Spanish. The program is well-designed to maximize the students ability to achieve their goals with minimal distraction. All of the staff help in this respect.
Elizabeth Diehl - Retired Teacher - Herndon Virginia
I had a great time studying at the Institute. The teachers are great and my host family really helped me practice my Spanish. Puebla is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to learn Spanish.
John Neri - Graduate - San Antonio, TX
I am content, very content, with my experience at The Institute. My host family is wonderful, and the educational and cultural experience is something I can expand on and appreciable for a lifetime.
Paul J. Brncik, Jr - Pharmacist - Phoenix, AZ
I had a great time studying at the Institute. The teachers are great and my host family really helped me practice my Spanish. Puebla is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to learn Spanish.
Christy Green - Student U.S.N.A - Callaway, MD
The program was awesome. I learned so much and enjoyed my time here. I would definitely recommend it for everyone at any level of Spanish.
William Staub - Retired - Montreal, QC
My experiences in the program were very helpful in my progression in learning Spanish and my exposure to the Mexican Culture was informative and I believe exposure to other cultures helps be better understand my own culture.
Margaret Beck - Missionary - Austin, TX
The Spanish Institute of Puebla is an excellent Language School. If you are serious about learning Spanish, don´t look anywhere else. The program is top nutch and the teachers are experienced in teaching using effective methods. This is the 4th languaje school I have attended and be the last. I wish I had started here first.
Spencer Leibow - Student - Vienna, VA
It not only taught me more Spanish through the classes, but it also give me so much more confidence with the Spanish that I already knew. I couldn´t have asked for a better program.
Colt Gordon - Student, Peer Educator - San Diego, CA
An experience I will never forget. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and given life changing opportunities to improve my Spanish. It starts with the learner bud with great teaching the sky's the limit.
Monica Hernandez - Student US Navy - Kansas City, MD
I wish I could do it every summer. I had an incredible experience with teachers, host family and guides I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.
Miranda Arey - Student - Harrisonburg, VA
I really enjoyed my time here. Everyone is so nice especially Antonio & Angelica. I loved knowing that even when I struggled. I had such great supporters.
Patrick Hurley - Principal - Falls Church, VA
SIPuebla is an amazing Institution that is determined to make the most of your learning experience! After 3 weeks I am walking away with a incredible desire to continue learning a new confidence in my self learning Spanish.
Heather Higgins - Personal Assistant - New York, NY
The five weeks I spent at the Spanish Institute of Puebla accelerated my Spanish language & culture knowledge immeasurably.
Lars Messchendorp - Recent Graduate - Zuidplas, NL-ZH
I have enjoyed every single aspect of the program, for me it was a perfect combination of studying and enjoying life in Mexico.
Angela Moras - Dallas, TX
This program exceeds my expectations. I Would love to return not only to improve my Spanish but also to visit all my new friends at the Institute.
Scott Henrich - Student - Milwaukee, WI
I was very happy with almost every aspect of my experience. Puebla is a great city, good host family, the Institute is well run, and my teach was great. Having the conversation class really set you apart from other Institutes, it's a great feature.
Richard Blackburn - Plastering Contractor - Kerrville, TX
I arrived with little to no understanding of the Mexican Culture Heritage. My Spanish skills were limited to jobsite activities. I leave with respect for the Mexican Culture heritage as well as a solid basis of proper Spanish language skills. Thank you for a great experience.
Jessica Eifsrom - Student - Monterey, CA
Esto era exactamente la semana que yo queria. Gracias por su ayuda con mi español y por mostrarme una ciudad tan bella.
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