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Cinque Terre

Our Testimonials

We will send you the phone number and/or e-mails of the students upon request

Martha Velasco - Attorney - Houston, TX USA
The Institute is extremely well run,logistics are scheduled well, with experience professors who are attentive to your needs. As a professional needing to improve my Spanish for work purposes, I´d highly recommend the Institute to learn or improve your Spanish proficiency.
Lela Vandenberg - Retired Extension Specialist (MSU) - Lansing, MIchigan USA
I have gained great confidence speaking. An outstanding teacher, well-organized and clear instruction, many opportunities to practice with native speakers, excellent materials and facilities - all these contributed to me learning more than I´d hoped, in just three weeks.
André Grenon - Retired Journalist - Ottawa, Ontario CANADA
I was truly impressed by the high standards, the quality of the teachers, the conversation guides and the facilities. I still can´t get over the incredible value for the money.
Robert Mason - University Lecturer - Toowoomba, Queensland - AUSTRALIA
This program is outstanding. I have studied here on 3 separate occasions of 6 weeks each. My Spanish has improved exponentially. As a professional educator, I appreciate the structure and personalized lessons from highly qualified teachers. I highly recommend to anyone seeking to improve or learn Spanish.
Patrick Perkins - Physician - Medford, OR USA
I like that I was able to use what I learned and I am very glad I was here for the 1st and 2nd levels of the program. I feel that it would be substandard for me not to continue with the 2nd level. The Institute is incredibly well organized with an obviously interested and dedicated staff.
Jackson L. Lindsey - Attorney - Del Rio, TX USA
Keep doing what you are doing - it´s great. I´ve learned to communicate in Spanish a whole lot better in just 3 weeks. This program really boosted my confidence to speak Spanish on a conversational level, which really helps for work and life in Southwest, Texas.
Sue Palfrey - Retired - Green Valley, AZ USA
I can speak Spanish easier and I can understand conversations between two native speakers. Mi classes with my teacher were excellent because we spoke a lot. She could correct me without interrupting the conversation. She is very positive and when I feel comfortable, I learn a lot.
Julie Copp - Missionary - St. Louis, Missouri USA
My experience was absolutely fantastic. This was my second visit and I would like to return 2-3 times. The experience has changed my life in many ways: preparing me for my work, allowing me to learn, opened my mind more, provided me with friendships I believe I will have for many years, etc.
Margaret Croome - Ret. School Teacher - Mississauga, ON CANADA
I loved how well organized and professional the Institute was, as well as, the group dynamic. This was a very positive experience with a very knowledgeable teacher. Since I used to be a ESL teacher myself it was great to have such a wonderful teacher that I had complete confidence in.
Tanya Fitzpatrick - Teacher - Montreal, QC CANADA
I loved my program as I feel I learned so much Español. I wish I could stay, I loved everything! I learned the city of Puebla, the shops and learned a lot about my neighborhood and felt part of the culture. I feel so much more confident to speak and write. Sites of Puebla and excursions were excellent.
Lynn Surrette - Ret. Teacher - Austin, TX USA
Lessons goals were always clear and practice was provided to reinforce new material. I enjoyed learning in a fun, encouraging atmosphere with much laughter. I have already recommended this school to friends. I never felt stressed at the school but always studied and learned so much. I could not have comprehended material any faster.
Philip Tran - Director for Multicultural Communities - Seattle, WA USA
I did not know a word in Spanish when I arrived at the Institute. After 3 weeks of learning Spanish I was able to converse, write and hear basic Spanish conversation. The Spanish Institute of Puebla is highly recommended for those who are discerning to study Spanish.
Brianna Padilla - Social Worker - Huntington, NY USA
I thoroughly enjoyed being at the Institute and I am sad to leave a place tha is so comfortable and inviting. I was exposed to a lot of Spanish and hope to continue using in in my daily life. I appreciate the guidance of everyone I met. I liked the enthusiasm of the learning environment.
Rich Dineen - Longshoreman - Redondo Beach, CA USA
Learning Spanish at the Institute makes a lot of sense. The totality of the experience --- small class size, one on one conversation, living with a local family, the group excursion and the entire staff made my time and the Institute productive.
Michael Ruscus - Project Manager - North Richland Hills, TX USA
Having attended many schools. I would rate this one as the best. The quality of the instructoin is top-notch, as is the family with whom you I was placed. Thank you for giving me the best 3 weeks of instruction. I am grateful for the initial evaluation and the fact that I have been able to focus on my weaknesses.
Sheila Rolfer - Demonstrator Designer - Oregon Hourse, CA USA
My Spanish improved greatly in only 2 weeks. Puebla is a great location for a course and I was very happy with the program. It´s so well organized with great teachers and the form is very effective. It was very nice to have extra excursions to learn about Mexico.
Maria Hadden - Nonprofic Consultant - Chicago, IL USA
I really enjoyed my teachers style. It was also evident that she has a deep understanding and versatile knowledge of language learning. My time at the Institute was well spent. The coursework was challenging and well suited to my learning goals. The city and facilities offered more activities than I could do in one visit and the faculty and staff were knowledgeable and friendly.
Erica Lynn Lang - Student - Overland Park, KS USA
Overall my experience has been extremely positive at the Spanish Institute of Puebla. It is amazing to think back to the first day I arrived and compare how much my knowledge, understanding and fluency of the language has progressed. Incredible!
Liselotte Stratman - HS Student - Davidson, NC USA
I liked the inter-activeness of the professors, they push you to speak Spanish. I really loved this experience because you get to see what it is like to be surrounded by Mexican Culture and learn Spanish at the same time.
Joshua Berglund - Military - Hillsborough, CA USA
My teacher far exceeded my expectation. The host family was extremely gracious. They were terrific hosts who made great food and kept an immaculate house. My classmates were great.
Maureen Young - Retired - Ajijic, Jalisco MEXICO
I liked the quality and professionalism of the Institute. I have found the Institute to be very well organized. The teachers and the program are excellent. I especially like the time in the afternoon with my guide exploring the city and having opportunity to speak more Spanish.
Deborah Penney - Retired - Cleveland, TN USA
My teacher made class very interesting by using various methods and outings. It was a fun and educational experience I totally enjoyed myself. The other students were friendly. Everyone was smiling and helpful. I loved the horseback riding excursion.
Kate Cunningham - Student - Bellingham, WA USA
I loved living in Puebla and studying at the Spanish Institute of Puebla. My teachers were phenomenal and I learned so much. I am sad to go! I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to improve their Spanish or who wants to learn Spanish.
Dr. Ronald Boivin - Energy Therapist - Edmonton, Alberta CANADA
If one is sincerely interested in improving their Spanish language skills then this is the program for you. The professors and the guides do an excellent job helping the students. I became quite verbally fluent and learned to speak without fear.
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