Prefixes on verbs

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Prefixes on verbs

Mensaje por Pettigrew » Julio 26, 2017, 9:15 am

In german if you add certain prefixes to verbs, they changes the meaning of the verb ib predictable ways. Thus, if you add, say 'aus', to any verb that takes a prefix, it will influence that verb's meaning in a predictable way. In Spanish I see the use of prefixes (for example--poner, componer, disponer, proponer, reponer, suponer, imponer); do prefixes have a predictable influence on the meaning of the root Spanish verbs? And, are there any good lists of such prefixes and their influence?

Spanish Teacher
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Re: Prefixes on verbs

Mensaje por Spanish Teacher » Noviembre 2, 2017, 12:15 am

Yes, here is a general idea of the prefixes in Spanish:

* ante- (before): antemano (beforehand), anteayer (day before yesterday), antebrazo (forearm), anteponer (to put something before something else)
* anti- (against): anticuerpo (antibody), antimateria (antimatter), anticoncepción (contraception)
* auto- (self): autodisciplina (self-discipline), autogestión (self-management), automóvil (automobile)
* bi-, bis-, biz- (two): bicicleta (bicycle), bilingüe (bilingual), bisemenal (twice a week)
* cent- (hundred): centímetro (centimeter), centenar (group of 100)
* contra- (against): contraataque (counterattack), contrapeso (counterweight), ir contrareloj (to work against the clock)
* con- (with): convivir (to live together), conjuntar (to coordinate), complot (conspiracy)
* des-(undo, diminish): desplegar (to unfold), desdecirse (to go back on one's word), descubrir (to discover or uncover)
* entre-, (between, among): entremeter (to place among), entrecruzar (to interweave), entreabierto (half-open)
* ex- (former, outside): excombatiente (military veteran), exportar (to export), exprimiar (to squeeze or sqeeze out)
* homo- (same): homónimo (homonym), homólogo (equivalent), homogeneizar (to homogenize)
* im-, in- (opposite): incapaz (incapable), inaudible (inaudible), inconformista (nonconformist)
* inter- (between, among): interacción (interaction), interrumpir (to interrupt), interponer (to interpose)
* mal- (bad): maltratar (to abuse or mistreat), malpensado (malicious), malvivir (to live badly)
* mono- (one): monótono (monotonous), monopolio (monopoly), monocarril (monorail)
* para- (together, with, for): paramédico (paramedic), paraguas (umbrella), parachoques (vehicle bumper)
* poli- (many): poligloto (multilingual person), politeísta (polytheistic), poligamia (polygamy)
* pre- (before): prefijo (prefix), predestinación (predestination), prehistoria (prehistory)
* pro- (in favor of): proponer (to propose), pronombre (pronoun), prometer (to promise)[/td]
* re- (again, with intensity): repaso (review), renacer (to be reborn), renegar (to strongly deny)
* semi- (medium, half): semidifunto (half-dead), semifinalista (semifinalist), semicírculo (semicircle)
* seudo- (false): seudónimo (pseudonym), seudociencia (pseudoscience)
* sobre- (excessive, extraordinary): sobrevivir (to survive), sobredosis (overdose), sobrecargar (to overload)
* super- (superior): supermercado (supermarket), superhombre (superman), supercarburante (high-grade fuel)
* sub- (under): subsuelo (subsoil), subyacer (to underlie), subsector (subsection)
* tele- (at a distance): teléfono (telephone), telecontrol (remote control), telescopio (telescope)
* uni- (one): unificación (unification), unilateral (one-sided), unisexo (unisex)

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