Hacer falta

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Sheila Mary
Hacer falta

Mensaje por Sheila Mary » Julio 26, 2017, 12:04 pm

I want to say "I really need to know if you got my letter"

Would the following be correct?
"Me hace mucha falta saber si recibiste mi carta?" I don't see hacer falta used much in text-books, but I hear it in films. Is it used much generally, in conversation?
Also, what verb would one use to indicate one is planning to do something? "I'm planning on visting Mexico later this year"-planear, or pensar + ir? It seems to me that if you say" Pienso ir en Mexico mas tarde este ano" that it sounds like you haven't made up your mind- I want it to sound like a definite plan.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Spanish Teacher
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Re: Hacer falta

Mensaje por Spanish Teacher » Abril 22, 2019, 7:13 am


We (at least in Spain) use a lot "Me hace falta", and "Me hace mucha falta saber si recibiste mi carta" Is the best way to say it if you don't want to omit the "really", because you can also say "necesito saber si recibiste mi carta", but it is not ephasised, it is like "I need to know if you got my letter".

Another posibility (just for you to know, the one you've written is very good)is "Me hace mucha falta saber si te ha llegado mi carta"

About the definite plan of going to Mexico, if you really want it to sound definite the best way to say it is with a sentence using the future : "Voy a ir a Mexico este año". If you use "pensar" or "planear" it sounds (as you've said) as if you haven't made up tour mind. I don't know how to translate the "later" because I don't understand exactly what it means. Does it mean that you are planning to visit Mexico by the end of the year?

If you explain me I can hepl you.


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