Where is Spanish Spoken?

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[quote=Magliolo post_id=64 time=1501088238] Outside of Spain and Latin America where is Spanish spoken. [/quote]

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Re: Where is Spanish Spoken?

por Spanish Teacher »Noviembre 1, 2017, 6:26 pm


Tops on the list of other countries where Spanish is spoken is, of course, the United States, although it is an official language in only one state (New Mexico). Well over 23 million U.S. residents have Spanish as a primary language, although most are bilingual.

Next on the list is Equatorial Guinea, the one place in Africa where Spanish remains an official language as a result of Spanish colonialism (the country was formerly known as Spanish Guinea).

There's also Andorra, a tiny country that borders Spain and France.

Last on the list of countries with a significant Spanish-language influence is the Philippines. Spanish was once an official language, although today there are only a few thousand who use it as their primary language. But the national language, Filipino, has adopted thousands of Spanish words into its vocabulary, and much of its phonetics follow the Spanish pattern.


Where is Spanish Spoken?

por Magliolo »Julio 26, 2017, 11:57 am

Outside of Spain and Latin America where is Spanish spoken.